New Xeos TF front hopper: more choice and performance

22 February 2017

Sulky is developing the XEOS TF front hopper in order to respond to its customers’ requirements.

The Xeos TF is now equipped with a completely new frame offering more accessibility and greater load capacity. The tractor is therefore better balanced whichever drilling toolbar is used with it. The maximum ballast load on the front may go up to 1500 kg, without counting the load in the hopper.

Still in stainless steel, perfectly suitable for fertiliser and seed

The multi-purpose seed drill may be fitted with distribution head for seeding from 24 to 40 rows, or even specific heads for fertiliser ranging from 6 to 12 rows. Sulky also offers a complete range of accessories, such as cyclone separators for fertilisers or diffuser blades for sowing catch crops in the soil flow. These elements make use of every ounce of the manufacturer’s historic expertise in pneumatic transport.

Performances revised upwards

Both in terms of ballast and performance for pneumatic transport, the new Xeos TF is sized to meet as many demands as possible. The hopper can be ballasted with more than 900 kg, which makes it the ideal ally for medium to very high powered tractors. The new frame also offers unmatched accessibility to the various technical elements of the machine. This results in less effort and adjustment time for the user.

In terms of pneumatic transport, the injection system has also been improved with the arrival of a “special fertiliser performance kit”, which increases the transport capacity of the system by 40%.

The Xeos TF is available in the 3 capacities (1000/1500/1800 L) and can be combined with a very wide selection of SULKY drilling toolbars (48 versions available from 3 to 6 m).


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