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New DUO hopper to provide a second product when drilling SULKY is launching the DUO hopper on its range of XEOS pneumatic seed drills. This additional hopper makes it possible to provide a second product when drilling. PDF + WORD + PHOTOS New 3.00 m XEOS PRO EVO seed drill: power and manoeuvrability Lighter than its predecessor by 400 kg and fitted with a 1000-litre hopper, it provides great manoeuvrability even with reasonably powerful tractors. PDF + WORD + PHOTO CULTILINE HR power harrow RapidFit: the new quick-release system for tines RapidFit: the The new RapidFit system provides users with more ergonomics. The tines are removed in a few seconds using a dual function spanner: unlocking and extraction of the pin holding the tine. The design of the tine holder has also been studied to protect the lock from wear. Users are provided with these advantages with no increase in price. PDF + WORD + PHOTOS New Xeos TF front hopper: more choice and performance The Xeos TF is now equipped with a completely new frame offering more accessibility and greater load capacity. The tractor is therefore better balanced whichever drilling toolbar is used with it. The maximum ballast load on the front may go up to 1500 kg, without counting the load in the hopper. PDF + WORD + PHOTOS My Fertitest: collaborative platform for the personalised configuration of Sulky fertilizer spreaders The new My Fertitest platform enables the farmer to create and administer an on-line user account in order to personalise and record his machine settings. In this way the farmer builds up a unique database, resulting from his spreading, that he can re-use as a reference during his future fertilization runs. A notepad makes it possible to write annotations for each fertilizer and each setting and to provide traceability for the operations. PDF + Word + Photos The X40+ and X50+ spreader range: even greater accuracy and convenience SULKY is developing its X40+ and X50+ mounted spreaders. Two new items of equipment have just enhanced this range of spreaders, making them easier to use and improving performance levels. PDF + Word + Photos