An extra 30% work output!
Speed and control

Sulky Kronos: The tine seed drill without compromise

Available as a rear mounted version or in combination with the Xeos TF front hopper, the Kronos can adapt to all tractors.

Everything is provided to increase site application rates with the Kronos seed drill, a 1700 l hopper which lets you reduce the number of refills, hydraulic folding to limit down time between plots and a working speed between 12 and 15 km/h.

The Kronos seed drill has been specially designed to reduce your planting costs, ensuring faultless drilling quality in all kinds of conditions.


The Kronos seed drill is available in 2 working widths:

  • 5.6 m and 6 m
  • 1700 l hopper

The winning TRIO for successful growth:


1- Perfect drilling depth control

  • TANDEM: Front Wheels and Rear roller controlling seed depth of 5 rows of tines
  • 3rd floating point for excellent gound-following
  • Central adjustment outside the chassis

2- Firming over the ENTIRE working width

  • 100% of drilled rows are firmed
  • Unaffected by slopes and the turning circle
  • 1 less passage of the roller

3- Firming in all kinds of conditions

  • For the last drilling: high roller rotation speed for integral self-cleaning.
  • For all high speed drilling: even pressure on the row without slipping.

From 5 to over 7 ha/hour

Plus de 7 ha/h avec le KronosDesigned to move forward at 12-15 km/h, the KRONOS mounted pneumatic seed drills have:

  • 5 rows of drilling with an unmatched clearance
  • 1700 litre hopper capacity, i.e. 2 x 600 kg Big Bags of wheat, for greater autonomy,
  • Hydraulic folding to limit down time between plots .

3.00 m overall after folding

100% SULKY high precision application rate

  • The universal metering roller (from rapeseed to beans) of the ADS system delivers up to 450 kg/ha at 8 km/h for wheat.
  •  The onboard radar for measuring speed is particularly reliable. The driver doesn’t have to monitor the DPA wheel during manoeuvres. The metering unit is driven by an electric motor controlled by the PILOT console.
  • The distribution accuracy applies to all types of seed, even on slopes and banks.
  • Easy adjustments make it possible to manage the number of rows drilled whenever you want (1 row in 2 or 1 row in 3, tramlining of 2 x 2 rows or 2 x 3 rows, etc.) thanks to individual closing valves.

User testimonial

Serge S 296 HA including 145 of rapeseed: No compromise on drilling quality: "The same excellent emergence as a traditional combine, and saving a lot on fuel at the same time".

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