CULTILINE HR power harrow RapidFit: the new quick-release system for tines

22 February 2017

With 17 years’ experience in the preparation of seed beds, SULKY has developed the quick-release system for tines on its entire range of power harrows.

The new RapidFit system provides users with more ergonomics. The tines are removed in a few seconds using a dual function spanner: unlocking and extraction of the pin holding the tine. The design of the tine holder has also been studied to protect the lock from wear. Users are provided with these advantages with no increase in price.

SULKY power harrows are recognised as being economical in the demand for tractor power. The shape of the tine remains unchanged in order to retain this advantage. The tine design has been perfected following in-depth research and development work.

RapidFit will be presented for the first time at SIMA. It is one of 6 new products and services offered by SULKY from this international trade fair onwards.

The RapidFit system is available on the following versions:

– Fixed Cultiline HR Series 1000.19, 1000.22 and 1000.26

– Folding Cultiline HRW Series 1000.28 and 1000.36


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