For highway maintenance

Designed for local authorities

Developed by the French fertiliser spreading specialist, this machine which has been specially designed for local authorities enables you to maintain your roads simply during winter and fertilise and maintain communal land.

Multi-purpose: sand, salt, fertiliser, etc.

The RS 1000 and the RS 350 are capable of spreading salt on your roads, spreading sand on your sports grounds and also fertiliser on green spaces like golf courses and sports centres.

Their spreading width can reach 10 metres. In all cases the significant slope of the hopper encourages the flow of the product and, therefore, a regular feed to the spreading disc.

To ensure maximum service life the RS machines have “high resistant” two-component orange paint.

Simple adjustments and complete basic equipment

  • A hydraulic control allows the management of the opening/closing of the disc feed shutter.
  • An adjustment table on the machine shows the shutter opening level for adjusting the application rate of salt/grit on roads (in g/m2). A graduated marker with an adjustment stop enables this application rate adjustment to be performed.
  • Adjustment of the working width (from 1 to 10 m) is performed very simply by adjusting the height of the width deflector above the disc.
  • As well as the permanent rotary agitator in the bottom of the hopper a specific “salt/grit-sand” agitator is supplied as standard.
  • The spreading disc has 4 STAINLESS STEEL blades; a filter screen prevents any blockage at the bottom of the hopper by foreign bodies and clumps of the spreading product.

DPAE as an option for the RS 1000

As an option DPAE regulation by an electric actuator is possible:

whatever the forward speed, the application rate is controlled;

a plus for the site application rate and also for the environment.

TYPERS 350RS 1000
Working width1-10 m1-10 m
Hopper capacity (level)350 l1000 l
Overall width0,87 m1,55 m x 1,30 m
Loading height1,24 m1,40 m
Weight (indicative) weighing version90 kg215 kg
Payload755 kg2160 kg

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