Xeos pro:
For rapid sowing in all conditions

For rapid sowing, in all conditions

Designed to drill all crops in all conditions, the Xeos PRO is the ideal multi-purpose seed drill.

  • The large capacity centralised hopper helps you organise your drilling site with ease.
  • The “multi-seed” precision of the universal metering unit makes all kinds of sowing possible, from rapeseed to beans, with application rates of up to 450 kg with no disassembly and a reliable automated calibration test.
  • The Cultidisc drilling system, with up to 100 kg of pressure, guarantees you optimum drilling quality with depth control in almost any conditions: rapid tillage, on tough plant debris, late season conditions, deep drilling (conservation tillage of beans) and more

The Xeos PRO seed drill is available in working widths of 3, 3.5 and 4 metres and has a 1000 to 1800 litre hopper capacity

Semoir Xeos PRO de profil

The most effective drilling system on the market

From early drilling operations in dry conditions to late season in the wet, the Xeos PRO puts you in control of quality drilling.

  • Up to 100 kg of individual pressure: ideal for working dry land, deep drilling such as for beans or for operating at faster forward speeds.
  • Large notched disc (410 mm) with integrated press wheel: drilling toolbar with aggressive attack angle and seed consolidation for all types of seeds, from rapeseed to conservation tillage of beans.
  • To ensure consistent depth and firming for each row, the CULTIDISC coulter units are all exactly the same length: exceptional “anti-clogging” clearance: 560 mm between rows!

Depth adjustment - accurate and simple using parallelogram-mounted tie rods!

The depth of the drills can be easily adjusted by raising or lowering the frame supporting the coulter units (using the tie rods).

Cadre d’enterrage relevé : semis à fleur de terre (ex : colza).
Raised drilling frame: drilling depth maintained at surface level (e.g. rapeseed).
Cadre d’enterrage abaissé : semis profond (ex : féverole).
Lowered drilling frame: deep drilling (e.g. field beans).

DUO HOPPER: 2 products in a single run

The DUO hopper is available factory fitted on the XEOS PRO seed drills fitted with a 1800 litre main hopper. The DUO hopper is available with a capacity of 70 litres making it possible to apply a second product on the row as close as possible to the main seed.


A second completely integrated hopper and a single control interface:

The DUO hopper is completely integrated with the main seed drill. Speed increase takes place via a single radar sensor for the 2 metering devices managed independently of each other. The application adjustment and control take place from a single interface: the VISION DUO. This console opens up the possibility of automatic application rate adjustment either in slave mode (order receiver) or independently via an SD card (GPS antenna necessary).


Highly accurate application: :

The DUO hopper applies products very accurately, from 0.5 to 15 kg/ha as a result of the 3 independent metering wheels. Its stainless steel metering device is driven by an electric motor. A pushbutton makes it possible to prime the calibration test in the immediate vicinity of the hopper










A vast range of equipment is provided as standard

  • PILOT console in the cab with electric metering mechanism
  • Onboard radar to measure speed
  • Hydraulically driven fan
  • Rear levelling harrow with heavy tines

Working width 3,00 m 3,50 m 4,00 m
Hopper capacity 1000 l 1800 l 1800 l
Number of rows 20 24 28
Row spacing in cm 15 14,6 14,3
Loading dimensions (cm) 0,86 x 1,92 0,86 x 2,51 0,86 x 2,51
Loading height (cm) 210 210 210
Indicative weight mini/maxi 1150 kg 1790 kg 1950 kg

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