New mobile application: Fertitest

19 June 2020

For more than 15 years, Sulky has been offering the FERTITEST, a service to assist in getting the correct settings of the brand’s fertiliser distributors. Last month, Sulky launched its new mobile application, available 24 hours a day on PC and mobile.


The FERTITEST app to store and simplify settings

The new FERTITEST application allows the farmer to create and administer an online user account to customize and store the history of his machine settings. The farmer thus builds up a unique database of his spreading data, which he can use as a reference for future fertilization campaigns.


Permanent access to the FERTITEST application is available in offline mode

From a mobile phone, the new application offers the farmer permanent access to the FERTITEST helpdesk, wherever they are, without the need for an internet connection.


A classification of fertilizers by country

The FERTITEST service offers more than 1500 referenced granulated or compacted fertilisers with the indicative settings for each Sulky fertiliser spreader. In order to facilitate research, and because from one country to another the uses are different, the new application proposes a classification of fertilizers by country.


Approaching research suggests the most suitable setting

If a fertiliser is not listed in FERTITEST, it is sufficient for the farmer to fill in the physical characteristics of his fertiliser (density, appearance and grain size). The application will then propose the product with the closest characteristics to give the corresponding setting.

On smartphones, the application can be downloaded from the mobile’s store (ios or Androïd) or accessed on a PC by logging into your account.

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