The seed drill designed for contractors and field cultivation

Working width: 3 à 6 meters
Hopper capacity: 1,000 à 1,800L
Drilling system: coulters or discs (50 ou 100kg)
The XEOS TF front hopper is a major asset to contractors and farmers looking for performance and profitability. Versatile for fertilizer/sowing, it is indispensable and economic thanks to its extensive use all year long, from spring to autumn, including summer cover crops.

Take advantage of its versatility

This modularity enables drilling all year long in any conditions: autumn cereal drilling, spring fertiliser applications, summer cover crop sowing, and peace of mind in the winter while you watch your seedlings’ emergence.

Choose the seed line
that suits you best

The Xeos TF front hopper can be coupled with many SULKY drilling systems from 3.00 m up to 6 m working width.

Balance your tractor loads

The front hopper makes a better balance of loads on the tractor possible, less load on the rear axle and reduction in soil compaction.


A versatile combination

Seed doser with record-breaking performance

Equipped with an ADS system, the universal metering unit offers an unprecedented adjustment range from 1 to 450 kg/ha or even the addition of fertilizer without changing the metering roller!

Accessible and ergonomic: the rapid calibration testing is carried out without any disassembly; complete emptying of the hopper only takes a matter of seconds.

Duo Hopper: 2 products in a single pass

A single control interface

The DUO hopper, available with a capacity of 70 litres, is fully integrated into the main seed drill and enables a second product to be sown in the row as close as possible to the main seed.

Speed increase takes place via a single radar sensor for the 2 metering devices managed independently of each other. The application adjustment and control take place from a single interface: the VISION DUO.

Highly accurate application

The DUO hopper applies products very accurately, from 0.5 to 15 kg/ha thanks to 3 independent metering wheels. Its stainless-steel metering device is driven by an electric motor. A pushbutton makes it possible to start the calibration test in the immediate vicinity of the hopper.

3 choices of coulter pressure

A suitable drilling system for every need

SULKY offers many versions of drilling systems to combine with the XEOS TF front hopper: drilling systems from 3.00 m fixed to 6.00 m folding, 3 rows of folding coulters, TWINDISC 50 kg or CULTIDISC 100 kg.

CULTIDISC fixed or folding drilling system: the most efficient sowing system on the market

After the harvest and in early autumn the front hopper handles a considerable amount of work with record work rates. In dry conditions or extreme humidity, the XEOS TF coupled with the CULTIDISC drilling system allows you to do quality work when others are no longer able to sow.

This drilling system applies up to 100 kg of individual pressure: ideal for working dry land, drilling to greater depths (e.g. beans) and operating at higher forward speeds. With its large notched disc (415 mm) with integrated packer wheel: a drilling toolbar with an aggressive angle of attack and seed consolidation for seeds in dry conditions.

Foldable drilling system TWINDISC : The ideal Double Disc

Thanks to its press wheel, the TWINDISC drilling toolbar will be your ideal partner for all of your drilling operations even in the driest conditions.

The parallelogram ensures terrain adaptation for perfect sowing at a wide range of forward speeds. The staggered double disc drops the seed with precision even at speeds higher than 10 km/h. The centralised depth adjustment is easily done thanks to simple, clear and precise markers.

For effective seedling emergence, your seeds need optimal soil firming adapted to different weather conditions. This is why the Twindisc soil firming system is independent of the depth and offers you a pressure that evolves through constant bearing up to 50 kg per element.

The UNISOC 3R drilling system

UNISOC 3R drilling system uses Suffolk coulters mounted on 3 identical rows; it therefore offers 330 mm of clearance between each row.

With this drilling system you can sow on ploughed or carefully tilled ground thanks to its ability to remove large volumes of plant debris, even with narrow inter-row spacing

On the standard model, the depth pressure is adjusted with a central, graduated control. The highly-resistant, cast iron coulter stems, the anti-clogging flap, particularly when drilling on ploughed soil, and the “anti pat-down” device (pressure-mounted spring) make the UNISOC 3R drill worth “every penny”.

Technical details

Rigid drilling toolbar CULTIDISC 100 kg

TYPERigid drilling toolbar CULTIDISC 100 kgRigid drilling toolbar CULTIDISC 100 kgRigid drilling toolbar CULTIDISC 100 kg
Working width3,00 m3,50 m4,00 m
Number of rows202428
Row spacing in cm1514,514,3
Weight in kg119014001565
To be specified when ordering: Tramlining, specify track and type of tramlining, symmetrical or asymmetrical

Foldable drilling toolbar CULTIDISC 100 kg

TYPEFoldable drilling toolbar CULTIDISC 100 kgFoldable drilling toolbar CULTIDISC 100 kgFoldable drilling toolbar CULTIDISC 100 kgFoldable drilling toolbar CULTIDISC 100 kg
Working width4,00 m4,50 m5,00 m6,00 m
Number of rows28303240
Row spacing in cm14,31515,615
Weight in Kg1600170017502000
(1) Overall width greater than 3,50 m

Fixed drilling toobar TWINDISC 50 Kg

TYPEFixed drilling toobar TWINDISC 50 kg
Working width3,00 m3,00 m3,50 m3,50 m4,00 m4,00 m
Number of rows202424282832
Row spacing in cm1512,514,612,514,212,5
Max weight750 kg810 kg830 kg890 kg910 kg970 kg

Foldable drilling toolbar UNISOC or UNIDISC

TYPEFoldable drilling toolbar UNISOC or UNIDISCcFoldable drilling toolbar UNISOC or UNIDISCFoldable drilling toolbar UNISOC or UNIDISCFoldable drilling toolbar UNISOC or UNIDISCFoldable drilling toolbar UNISOC or UNIDISCFoldable drilling toolbar UNISOC or UNIDISCFoldable drilling toolbar UNISOC or UNIDISC
Working width4,00 m4,00 m4,50 m4,50 m5,00 m5,00 m6,00 m
Number of rows28323236324040
Row spacing in cm14,312,51412,515,612,515
Weight in Kg93099510101075102011501170

Foldable drilling toolbar UNISOC

TYPEFoldable drilling toolbar UNISOC 3R
Working width4,00 m4,00 m4,50 m4,50 m5,00 m5.00 m6,00 m
Number of rows28323236324040
Row spacing in cm14,312,51412,515.612.515
Weight in kg1035103511001100117011701200