XT: Extraordinary site application rates

Belt with 3° inclination = the best technological choice

The angle of inclination makes excellent emptying from the rear of the machine possible, avoiding any build-up in front of the shutter.

The weight, which is greater at the front of the loaded hopper, distributes the load across the tractor for maximum adhesion.

– Even empty, the machine is especially stable for unrivalled running comfort.

Application rate accuracy

Belt driven mechanically by crown wheel and pinion, for an application rate that is strictly proportional to the forward speed and completely unaffected by slippage, whatever the plot contours.

800 mm-wide feeder belt with permanent self-centring mechanism (cylindro-conical drive bearings) and hopper inclinations that are ideally suited to the flow of products stored in bulk.

The hydraulic boom is the most technological on the market

Boom with double row of stainless steel valves

– The double row of valves guarantees high dosage rates right to the end of the boom: 4 tonnes of product per hectare perfectly distributed.

– As an option, the valves can even adjust themselves automatically depending on the forward speed: distribution is therefore impeccable in all conditions.

The boom manages up to 5 boom sections and 3 spreading widths giving maximum precision up to the last pass

TYPE XT 160 H XT 210 H XT 240 H
Hopper capacity 13000 l 13000 l 15500 l
Overall width 2,55 to 3,00 m* 2,55 to 3,00 m* 2,55 to 3,00 m*
Loading height 2,78 to 2,94 m* 2,86 to 2,93 m* 3,06 to 3,14 m*
Mini/Maxi h.p. required 130 to 150 hp 140 to 180 hp 180 to 220 hp
Weight (indicative) weighing version 4900 kg 5900 kg 6900 kg
Axle 140 mm 2 x 110 Truck (Following stop) 2 x 140 Tandem (Following stop)
Tyres 2 x 600/60 x R 30,5 4 x 600/55-R 26,5 4 x 650/55-R 26,5
Max. permitted laden weight 15900 kg 20900 kg 23900 kg
Hopper dimensions 5,35 x 2,06 m 5,35 x 2,06 m 5,35 x 2,06 m
Total length 8,39 m 8,39 m 8,39 m
* depending on tyres

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