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For your fertilisation tasks, ECONOV technology

  • Gives you peace of mind by automating all risky operations..
  • Provides fertiliser savings
  • Guarantees even distribution across the whole plot
  • Eliminates under- and over-applied areas

ECONOV works

  • On widths from 18 to 50 metres
  • Up to 4200 l

ECONOV, the only technology which manages the actual shape of the spreading ... curved

Every fertiliser distribution area spread using centrifugal fertilising is in a curve and not in a straight line.

SULKY is the only manufacturer in the world to manage this curved shape from its ISOBUS (QUARTZ 800) and non-ISOBUS (Matrix 840 GS) terminals.

1- Without Econov, numbers of under- and over- applications appear;
this spreading map also shows that by choosing a test plot with a distinct shape, Sulky used real operating conditions.

2 – With Econov, under- and over- applied areas are virtually eliminated.

Does Sulky technology save on fertiliser?


Yes for Emmanuel Piron, whose team carried out the study for Irstea: “Overall, there was a 9% reduction in fertiliser input in favour of Econov, that is to say 1380 kg, compared with 1515 kg in manual mode with DPAE activated. And above all, over- and under-applied areas are virtually eliminated in Econov mode.”

With ECONOV, all section opening and closing combinations are possible

In ISOBUS, ECONOV manages 12 equal sections regardless of the working width .

1. Starting rriving at a straight headland, the sections close gradually from the outside to the inside, following the actual shape of the spreading area… in a CURVE!

2. If the spreading width is reduced, during the last run for example, the sections close automatically according to the width still to be spread

Right and left modulation doubles the accuracy of your modulation

Unique on the market, right and left modulation doubles the accuracy of your fertiliser input.

modulation-gauche-droiteThis feature takes you further in your approach to precision agriculture. It makes it possible to reach your profitability objectives more easily.

The Sulky fertiliser spreader modulates the fertiliser application spread automatically right and left from your recommendation map.

This technology makes it possible to:

  • Reduce areas of over- and under-application of fertiliser
  • Reduce intra-plot divergences
  • Optimise yields throughout plots.

Econov, 100% ISOBUS also works with a Non-ISOBUS tractor

Practical for use on several tractors:

  • In ISOBUS, ECONOV is displayed on the SULKY QUARTZ 800 Terminal

In non-ISOBUS, ECONOV is displayed on the Vision console and the MATRIX 840 GS guidance bar


SULKY is offering a new hydraulic drive solution for the spreading discs, a drive that is independent of the engine speed.

The hydraulic drive makes it possible to keep the spreading disc rotation speed constant, and to work with a low tractor engine speed (1,500 rpm) in all situations, separate from the PTO speed. It is available on the entire X40+ and X50+ range.

  • Simplified coupling
  • Even spreading in all conditions
  • Controlled costs

Second new piece of equipment available, 2 R/L low level sensors make it possible to know exactly when one side of the hopper is almost empty. The driver therefore has sufficient warning to refill his hopper and not risk working empty. The low level sensors are the ideal accessories for optimising fertiliser spreading in cases of R/L adjustment by GPS or on machines fitted with the ECONOV section cut-off. This equipment is available on the ISOBUS versions of the X40+ and X50+ fertiliser spreaders.


Working width 18-44 m(1) 18-44 m(1) 18-44 m(1)
Hopper capacity (level) 1900 l 2500 l 3000 l
Overall width 2,70 m(2) 2,70 m(2) 2,98 m
Loading width 2,31 m 2,31 m 2,81 m
Loading height 1,23 m 1,41m 1,52 m
Loading depth 1,17 m 1,17 m 1,17 m
Maximum flow rate 520 kg/min 520 kg/min 520 kg/min
Weight (indicative) weighing version 540 kg 570 kg 585 kg
Payload 3000 kg 3000 kg 3000 kg
(1) For optimum work quality, select the most appropriate set of blades for your use: EV 18-28 m, EV 24-36 m or EV 32-44 m
(2) 2,55 m to the hopper, 2,70 m to the safety guard


Working width 24-50 m* 24-50 m* 24-50 m*
Hopper capacity (level) 2400 l 3200 l 4000 l
Overall width 2,98 m 2,98 m 2,98 m
Loading width 2,81 m 2,81 m 2,81 m
Loading height 1,26 m 1,44 m 1,62 m
Loading depth 1,32 m 1,32 m 1,32 m
Maximum flow rate 520 kg/min 520 kg/min 520 kg/min
Weight (indicative) weighing version 670 kg 705 kg 730 kg
Payload 4000 kg 4000 kg 4000 kg
* For optimal work quality, please choose the most appropriate set of vanes : EV 24-36 m, EV 32-44 m or EV 40-50 m

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