Tine implements - economical, compact and quick

CULTILINE VR - a mounted cultivation tool with three rows of tines.

Available in 3 m, 3.5 m and 4 m versions, strong and compact for optimum seed bed preparation.

For light soil

Tine seed bed preparation tool.
A passive tool, economical to use. It is perfectly suited to light or perfectly tilled soil.

  1. Strong chassis
  2. Quality soil firming
  3. 3 rows of tines

Robust and long-lasting construction

  • Double beam support frame (100 x 100 x 6.3 mm thick) providing stability at high speed.
  • Robust solid coupler head with side wire stays.
  • Maximum clearance with 3 rows of Type 32 x 12 vibrating straight tines.

Cultiline VR

TYPECULTILINE VR – Serie 1000 – VR 3000CULTILINE VR – Serie 1000 – VR 3500CULTILINE VR – Serie 1000 – VR 4000
Working width3,00 m3,50 m4,00 m
Number of tine rows333
Number of tines242832
Type of tinesSpring tines (32 x 12)Spring tines (32 x 12)Spring tines (32 x 12)
Required h.p.70-170 hp90-200 hp120-260 hp
Weight cage roller Ø 500 mm660 kg740 kg820 kg
Weight packer roller Ø 550 mm860 kg950 kg1040 kg
Weight Tracker roller Ø 550 mm1048 kg1181 kg1297 kg

Cultiline HRV

TYPEHRV 100.9HRV 130.10HRV 150.9HRV 180.10HRV 200.9
Working width1.00 m1,30 m1,50 m1,80 m2.00 m
Overall width1.13 m1,39 m1.63 m1,88 m2.12 m
Number of rotors45678
Required h.p.30-70 hp30-75 hp35-80 hp40-85 hp45-90 hp
PTO r.p.m.540 r.p.m.540 r.p.m.540 r.p.m.540 r.p.m.540 r.p.m.
Rotor r.p.m. rate290 r.p.m.290 r.p.m.290 r.p.m.290 r.p.m.290 r.p.m.
Weight cage roller Ø 400 mm410 kg450 kg490 kg540 kg570 kg
Weight packer roller Ø 460 mm480 kg535 kg590 kg645 kg700 kg

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