DX20 and DX20+:
Simple fertiliser delivery

DX20 and DX 20+ in a few words:

  • 9 to 24 m working width
  • Hopper capacity 900 to 2100 litres of fertiliser
  • Quality controlled construction, ISO 9001-certified
  • Long-lasting paint

Developed on the DPX range and perfected on the DX range, the FERTIWAY width control system is the benchmark in centrifugal spreading. It works by modifying the placement point of the fertiliser on the disc, using an exclusive output chute.

  1. The chute: it is tilted and guides the fertiliser accurately onto the disc.
  2. The placement point: this is the simplest mechanism for adjusting the working width. Adjusting it does not require any change to the disc rotation rate or the ejection blades.

Graduated sectors redesigned for your comfort

2 important points:

  • Large sectors for error-free width and flow rate adjustments
  • Complete calibration visibility regardless of the number of hectares spread.

Calibration test and emptying: finally enjoy something simple

Once the chute is in place, simply cover the distance indicated on the scale then weigh the result obtained. This same scale will then give you the right settings for the shutters.
3 important points:

  • Maximum accessibiliy,
  •  Quick-fit chute… no tools needed,
  •  No difficult procedures.

Fertilise your borders instantly no need to get off the tractor!

  • 100 % electric

Electric control from the cab, no need to get off the tractor

No hydraulic distributor

  • No damaged seeds

placement point modified at all times

No alteration to your fertiliser

Stainless steel double cone hopper bottom

The double cone hopper bottom makes it possible to detect immediately an irregular flow rate caused by the presence of a foreign body.
In addition, its steeply slanted walls guarantee a very regular fertiliser flow, even on slopes and when the hopper is nearly empty.

Customise your DX fertiliser spreader

Customise your machine with the wide range of equipment available for the DX:

  • Choice of control type
  • Choice of electronic assistance
  • Weighing system

TYPE DX 20 DX 20
Working width 9-18 m 9-18 m
Hopper capacity (level) 900 l 1500 l
Overall width 2,29 m 2,29 m
Load dimensions 1,23 x 2,21 m 1,23 x 2,21 m
Loading height 0,91 m 1,12 m
Weight (indicative) 300 kg 340 kg
Payload 1 500 kg 1 500 kg
TYPE DX 20+ DX 20+ DX 20+
Working width 12-24 m 12-24 m 12-24 m
Hopper capacity (level) 900 l 1500 l 2100 l
Overall width 2,29 m 2,29 m 2,29 m
Load dimensions 1,23 x 2,21 m 1,23 x 2,21 m 1,23 x 2,21 m
Loading height 0,91 m 1,12 m 1,32 m
Weight (indicative) 305 kg 345 kg 385 kg
Payload 2 100 kg 2 100 kg 2 100 kg

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