Sulky Tramline CE/CX
The 100% Sulky seed drill combine

Careful integration into the tillage tool

The highly integrated TRAMLINE CE/CX hopper enables you to take advantage of a range of seed drills with minimum overhang, providing better use of the lifting power, which results in a particularly high hopper capacity. In addition, the distribution is driven by a large diameter sun landwheel, which removes all wheel marks from the drilling operations.

An integrated seed drill for a tried and tested concept

  1. Refinement
  2. Firming
  3. Planting
  4. Overlap

Accuracy from the SULKY peg-wheel metering

Thanks to SULKY expertise and the use of hard-wearing materials, this distribution gives you many advantages:

  • – Precise application rate from 1.5 to 400 kg/ha
  • – Multi-purpose, from rapeseed to field beans
  • – Quick and easy calibration test, with the seed drill on the ground
  • – Complete hopper emptying due to the separating baffles at the hopper base.

UNISOC or UNIDISC: a drilling system that stands the test of time



Thanks to the springs positioned high up on the drilling bars, the powerful double-effect mechanism provides numerous advantages:

  • – Application pressure onto the drilling elements of up to 30 kg with the UNIDISC or up to 20 kg in UNISOC (springs compressed)
  • – Pressure relief of the drilling elements for light drilling (springs released)
  • – Extreme vertical clearance to pass over plant debris.
  • – Possibility of fitting SULKY press wheels on the tool bar


Working width3,00 m3,00 m
Hopper capacity550 l (800 l)550 l (800 l)
Number of rows2024
Row spacing in cm1512,5
Loading dimensions (cm)48 x 22548 x 225
Loading height (cm)151151
Loading height (cm) with extension160160
Weight (indicative) weighing version650 kg – Standard features, coulters on 20 rows650 kg – Standard features, coulters on 20 rows


Working width3,00 m3,00 m4,00 m4,00 m
Hopper capacity800 l (1000 l)800 l (1000 l)1100 l (1350 l)1100 l (1350 l)
Number of rows20242832
Row spacing in cm1512,514,312,5
Loading dimensions (cm)64 x 22564 x 22564 x 32564 x 325
Loading height (cm)160160160160
Loading height (cm) with extension169169169169
Weight (indicative) weighing version700 kg Standard equipment, coulters in 20 rows (3.00 m)700 kg Standard equipment, coulters in 20 rows (3.00 m)900 kg Standard equipment, coulters in 28 rows (4,00 m)900 kg Standard equipment, coulters in 28 rows (4,00 m)

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