Training and technology: the pillars of Sulky quality

15 July 2020

Two new high-performance welding robots have just been installed in the Sulky factory in Châteaubourg. Controlled by qualified personnel, they contribute to maintaining a high level of competitiveness for the Breton based brand.


The Châteaubourg Sulky factory, inaugurated in 2012, regularly adapts to market developments. The latest event to date: the arrival of two welding robots worth €400,000. “It’s a significant investment that gives us greater flexibility and responsiveness,” emphasizes Gilbert Jouan, Sulky’s general manager, “The aim is to make it easier to manufacture large series of parts, reducing costs and the drudgery of the work, especially for the most complex welds. »


Four different workstations managed by 2 robots


The robot cell with 4 independent work stations has 2 robots that can position the components relative to each other during welding. This saves a lot of time and ensures a perfect result.

“Such tools need to be controlled by qualified personnel,” explains Gilbert Jouan. “At Sulky, more than 2.5% of the payroll is spent each year on training and skills development. We also focus on empowering employees to get them as involved as possible in their tasks, particularly in quality control, which is a key part of our corporate culture.


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